Going Higher

I am Pachi Life Coach

I help people go higher. I am convinced that we can and deserve to lead much happier and fulfilling lives. I am the CEO of AdvenCulture® , the creator of the “Leadership & Mountain ® program and a passionate mountain guide. In the past, I was an international IT executive in Europe, the USA and Latin America.


If you'd rather connect via email you can reach me at
or by phone/Whatsapp at: (52 1 55) 4315-9909

What Can I Do For You?

Does it seem that nothing exciting ever happens to you anymore? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you woke up every morning full of enthusiasm, if you started achieving your goals? I am Pachi, and I help people like you with a step-by-step process to improve the parts of your life you want to change, whether it is creating the work you love, improving your relationships, learning a language, getting in shape or simply feeling happier than ever.


“I have worked with Pachi in several personal development programs, and he has always exceeded our expectations.
Pachi has a special talent to communicate and to inspire people; he is also remarkably creative and cultured (he speaks six languages!).

Pachi has all the attributes of a successful Life Coach.”

Eduardo Strauch Urioste

Survivor of the 1972 Andes crash (“Alive”)

Motivational Speaker

Author of the 2012 book “Out of the Silence”

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